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Building a solid foundation for a home
full of Love and Success, that will last
throughout generations.
Making A Difference


                Angel Hope Ministry reaches out to children and their families that are in need. Being without a place to live is, a growing problem, due to our crumbling society. Many families are unable to afford living expenses, with the lack of supportive jobs available today.


          Many children have less hope for a brighter future without a home. Our ministry is working to solve this problem, by teaching families to build a better support system that will provide them with what they need. We lend a helping hand with training and teaching families how to survive with what they have and help provide learning experiences to move forward in life. Having a stable and secure home environment can give children and their families hope for a good future.

Sharing What We Have


            Here at Angel Hope, we love to share with one another. If we have furnature, household items, clothing and other goods, WE SHARE! We believe in helping others in many ways. We like to help others with whatever we are blessed with recieving. There are so many families that do not have good family support, so we help them to develope a good supportive system. A part of a good support system is making positive choices that can bring positive results in life.

Breaking The Cycle


            Teaching families how to live a productive and stable life. Many individuals have not been taught how to live an organized and structured life. So to help others we are offering ways to end the cycle of poverty and unorganized living. We provide encouraging methods to help families acquire secure jobs and to help them build more stable home environments. Many families can teach and show their children how to be productive in lifeto make their dreams come true and to help end the cycle of poverty.

Angel Hope Ministries


          Is inspired by God and is lead with good spiritual advice. Building a good spiritual foundation can help many families handle the challenges they may be confronted with. We try to provide uplifting advice to help many with the stressfulness of life.

Angel Hope Ministry

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